Martin Dumollard – Vampire of Lyon

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Martin Dumollard was a mass murderer of France during the late-nineteenth-century. He was known as the “Monster of Montluel” and the “Vampire of Lyon.”

He was born in 1810, and was orphaned four years later when his father was found by the Austrians and murdered for a crime that he committed in Austria.

There are multiple stories about Dumollard. The two most common are that Dumollard worked with either his mistress or his wife.

One is that Dumollard and his mistress- Justine Lafayette- worked together in their escapades. Both Dumollard and Lafayette were necophiles and had sex with corpses, but Dumollard didn’t stop there. He began to murder victims and would drink their blood. He even brought home the fleshiest parts of the body to serve to Lafayette. Dumollard murdered and drank the blood of over 80 girls. The pair was caught in 1888 and put on trial. Lafayette was executed by guillotine, but Dumollard was confined in an asylum.

dummolardAnother story is that Dumollard and his wife Marianne were the pair working together. The couple would lure young women to their home with the promise of work, but once there, Dumollard would strangle the women and bury their bodies around the cottage. One of the girls escaped and went to the police with her story. The couple was put on trial and found guilty of assassinating six children. In this story, Dumollard was executed in 1862, and is wife was sentenced to 20 years of hard labor.

In either case, Dumollard is still considered a murderer and a real vampire of France.