Clara Geisslerin

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Clara Geisslerin was a 69 year-old widow in Gelnhausen, Germany. She was accused of witchcraft, grave robbing, murder, and consorting with demons in 1597.

After being tortured, Geisslerin confessed to sexual relations with demons in the form of animals and to drinking the blood of 60 children. She even named at least 20 other women who were guilty of these same, or similar, crimes, but when the torture stopped, Geisslerin recanted her confefssions.

Fearing for her soul, local authorities resumed the torture again, and again she confessed and added that she conceived many children with the demons but killed them all. When the authorities stopped the torture, she again recanted. She told her accusers that God would be their judge.

The 20 suspects that Geisslerin named were also questioned and implicated Geisslerin. The old woman was then tortured for a third time. She confessed again under torture, but could not recant because she died under the pressure.

The judges attributed her death to the devil. The case was then closed.