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Strix is a creature from Ancient Roman mythology that is often described as a nocturnal bird, such as an owl. The creature fed on human flesh and blood. The term ‘Strix, is actually Latin for “screecher,” and in Roman it is means “owl.”

The Strix, is sometimes referred to as striges or striga. They are seen as a nocturnal bird that brings about bad luck and feeds off humans, particularly babies and men.

When in the taste for babies , Strix would feed the baby her poisoned breast milk and then feed on the blood.

When in the taste for men the creature would transform itself into a beautiful woman to seduce a young man. She would have sex with him and drink his blood., draining him of all his fluids.

Strixes are not vampires who have risen from the grave, but they are those who have evolved into a owl-like creature. They can fly wherever they want without barriers to keep them out. But, a branch of hawthorn in a window or drugged water sprinkled on a door way would ward off the vampire from entering a home.

In order to destroy the vampire, the head must be cut off and put between the corpse’s legs or a stake could be driven through the corpse’s heart.