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Strigoi is a popular vampire in Romanian vampire. Most Strigoi are the troubled souls of the dead who have rose from the grave, generally including witches and evil spirits, but there are some Strigoi that are living people who have magical properties, which may include the ability to transform into an animal. Some living people may even be born as a Strigoi.

  • Be the 7th child of the same sex in a family
  • Be redhead
  • Lead a life of sin
  • Die without being married
  • Suicide
  • Have been cursed by a witch
  • To have been born with a caul or tail
  • Born out of wedlock
  • Die and unnatural death
  • Die before Baptism
  • The child of a pregnant woman who didn’t eat salt while pregnant or who was looked at by a vampire while pregnant
  • Be bitten by a vampire
  • Filled with pain and regret

Some people who were never predisposed to being a Strigoi can still become a vampire. Once dead, if the corpse is walked over by a cat, a Strigoi may arise. In order to get rid of this Strigoi, it’s said that a wine bottle should be buried next to the grave and six weeks later, the family must exhume and drink it.

In Slovenian myths, the Strigoi is most likely a woman, but in a few exceptions may be a male. According the Romanian myths, a Strigoi has ginger-colored hair, blue eyes, and two hearts.

In order to ward off or kill a Strigoi, one may try one of the following techniques:

  • Bury a bottle of whiskey with the corpse and the strigoi will drink it and not return home.
  • Expose the Strigoi after witnessing its powers.
  • Exhume the corpse and impale it with a stake or by cremating them.
  • Exhume the body, remove the heart and cut it in two, drive a nail through the forehead, place garlic under the tongue, smear the body with pig fat from a pig killed on St. Ignatius’ day, and then re-bury the corpse face-down.
  • Kill while feasting on prey.

Some vampire lore say that if you do not destroy a Strigoi within the first 7 years after its burial, the vampire no longer has to dwell in its own grave. After the 7th year, the Strigoi can live as a normal human and pass as a mortal. At this time, the vampire no longer needs to prey on humans or animals. At this stage in a Strigoi’s life, it can even marry and have children, but that every weekend, it had to rest in a grave or cemetery. If the Strigoi has children during this stage, the children are considered living vampires and are predisposed of becoming vampires.