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Greek and Roman vampires are fully saturated in mythology and lore. The Strix, Strigoi, Vykolatios, Lamia and Eretica are just a few vampires that you may have heard of.


Vrykolakas were the true Greek vampires. It was believed that a person could become a¬†vrykolakas by living an immoral life, being excommunicated, died a violent death, buried without proper church rites, or being buried in unconsecrated ground. It was also thought that if you ate sheep that had been previously wounded by a werewolf, you […]

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Lamiai were named after Lamia. They were known demonic beings who sucked the blood from young children; however, they also had the power to transform themselves into beautiful young women in order to attract and seduce young men. Lamiai were known to live in caves and damp places. They tended to avoid temperature extremes, dry […]

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Lamia was a Libyan queen and the daughter of Poseidon and Lybie. Lamia was one of Zeus’ loves, and when Hera became jealous of the attention her husband was giving to Lamia, she robbed Lamia of all her children, each of whom had been fathered by Zeus. Hera cursed Lamia with the inability to close […]

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Empusa was not a traditional vampire in the sense of a reanimated corpse, but she was a vampire spirit. In Greek mythology, Empusa was a demigoddess often associated with Lamia and Mormo. In later Greek mythology, her role was reduced to a species of Hecate, called empuse, or empusa. The empusae (plural of empusa) were […]

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