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Lamiai were named after Lamia. They were known demonic beings who sucked the blood from young children; however, they also had the power to transform themselves into beautiful young women in order to attract and seduce young men.

Lamiai were known to live in caves and damp places. They tended to avoid temperature extremes, dry places, and extremely wet places. They preferred both heat and water for survival, especially when in their half-snake form.

Stories say that the creature functions on a four month schedule and every four months, she will shed her skin from the stomach down. She will alternate between a serpent body and a female one every four months.

From the waist up, the Lamiai will always appear like a women, but she will have a Jacobson’ organ and a forked tongue. They are unable to close their eyes, just like Lamia; they do have eyelids, but they are immobile.

Lamiai prey on humans, preferring children.