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Lamia was a Libyan queen and the daughter of Poseidon and Lybie.

Lamia was one of Zeus’ loves, and when Hera became jealous of the attention her husband was giving to Lamia, she robbed Lamia of all her children, each of whom had been fathered by Zeus. Hera cursed Lamia with the inability to close her eyes so that she constantly obsessed over the images of her dead children.

Lamia retired to a cave and took out her anger by killing the offspring of human mothers by sucking the blood out of the children.

Lamia became a hideous beast.

The Greeks blamed Lamia when children died.

Later, she became identified with a class of beings that were modeled after her but with deformed, serpent-like lower bodies. Their feet were nor paired, one being of brass and the other shaped like an animal’s, commonly a goat, donkey, or ox.