The Girl and the Vampire

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The Romanian vampire became the subject of many folktales. A common folktale was of a boy who committed suicide following his failure to gain the marriage blessing of his girlfriend’s parents. He became a vampire and began to visit the girl at night.

The girl spoke with an elder woman in the village who told her to attach a thread to his shirt. She did so, and traced the thread to a graveyard and into the grave of her late boyfriend.

The vampire continued to visit the girl, and they continued a sexual liaison after her parents died. She refused the vampire’s request for her to tell what she had seen the night she followed him to the graveyard, and the girl died soon after.

She was buried according the the elder woman’s direction.

A flower grew from her grave, which was seen by the emperor’s son. He ordered the flower dug up and brought it to his castle. That evening, the flower turned into a maiden. Eventually she and the son were wed, and some time later, she accompanied her husband to a church and had an encounter with a vampire.

The vampire had followed her into the church were she hid behind an icon, which fell on the vampire and destroyed him.

This folktale was often told to deter youth from out-of-wedlock sexual relations, while also referring to the wisdom of the elders.