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The Volkodlak is a vampire linked to various werewolf legends in Slovenia. This vampire can transform into a wolf.

In a vampire state- the volkodlak kills only to maintain their decreasing lifespan. In order to stop the volkodlak from becoming a vampire, people often placed a coin into the mouth of the corpse. Some would prevent the curse by avoiding eating raw meat.

A person would become a volkodlak by wearing a wolf skin that merged with their bodies. Babies born with wolf hair on their heads, were born volkodlaks.

In werewolf legends, the volkodlak is not a vampire who can transform into a wolf, but is actually a werewolf. The name ‘volkodlak’ means “Wolf’s Hair,” but is sometimes translated as “Wolf-Skinned.” The werewolf legends say that the Volkodlak can transform into a wolf as and when it pleases. They are immune to aging and most disease. In their werewolf state, the volkodlak is blood thirsty and hunts the living.