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The Upir is a vampire of Slovakia and Czech Republic. The Upir is thought to have two hearts and two souls. The presence of a second soul is indicated by a corpse’s flexibility, open eyes, two curls in the hair, and a ruddy complexion.

The Upir is believed to suck the blood from its victims. It often suffocated its victims with a crushing embrace.

The Upir can spread deadly disease, as well as kill victims with an evil glance.

According to one report from the early 1700s, people in a Bohemian village in what is now the Czech Republic drove a stake through a corpse that was a suspected upir. The creature laughed and thanked them for giving him a stick to fight off dogs. The villagers solved their vampire dilemma by burning the corpse.

The people of Slovokia still believe in vampires. It is not uncommon to find them putting various objects in the coffin (coins, Christian symbols, herbs, other belongings), and placing poppy seeds or millet seeds in the body orifices and nailing the clothes and hair of the body to the coffin.