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European vampires are quite popular and ancient. There are stories about the Draugr, Dhampir, Lamashtu, Incubus, Volkodlak, Upyr, Upier and Shtriga. The European vampire Lilith is even considered the mother of vampires, being one of the earliest vampires in Hebraic writing.

Slavic Vampires

The Slavic vampire was not always the symbol of evil that it came to be in the nineteenth century European literature. The Slavic vampire was originally the product of an irregularity within community life, such as problems with burial practices, death, or birth. People who had a violent death, people who committed suicide, or people […]

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Franz von Poblocki

In the 1870, in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda (Wejheroho), Pomerania, in northwest Poland, a prominent citizen – Franz von Poblocki died of consumption (tuberculosis). He was buried in the churchyard of Roslasin. Two weeks later, his son Anton, died. Other relatives became ill and complained of nightmares. The surviving family members suspected vampirism and hired a local vamprie […]

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Polish Vampires

Most of what is known of Polish vampires is due to the work of Jan L. Perkowski and the northern Poles of Canada- the Kashubs- where the believe in vampires still exists today. Perkowski’s research confirmed and documented developments of Polish vampires. The common words for vampire in Poland were upior or upier (male) and […]

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