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European vampires are quite popular and ancient. There are stories about the Draugr, Dhampir, Lamashtu, Incubus, Volkodlak, Upyr, Upier and Shtriga. The European vampire Lilith is even considered the mother of vampires, being one of the earliest vampires in Hebraic writing.


The Volkodlak is a vampire linked to various werewolf legends in Slovenia. This vampire can transform into a wolf. In a vampire state- the volkodlak kills only to maintain their decreasing lifespan. In order to stop the volkodlak from becoming a vampire, people often placed a coin into the mouth of the corpse. Some would […]

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The Varacolaci vampire is from Romania. This is one of the most powerful of the undead creatures. It’s said that the Varacolaci has the ability to cause lunar and solar eclipses. This vampire may appear as a pale human with dry skin. They can travel on an astral thread as long as the thread remained […]

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The Upyr is a Russian vampire that is considered extremely vicious. This vampire attacks children first, and then it continues to kill the parents. The Upyr is able to rise during the day and sleep during the night. It has a fairly normal human appearance, so it is able to blend in with human society. […]

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The Upier is a male vampire from Poland. This vampire is able to rise at midday and return to sleep at midnight. This vampire is said to have a barbed tongue and consumes a vast amount of blood. The Upier’s fascination with blood is more extreme than other vampires, as it even sleeps in blood. […]

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