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The Lugat is a vampire from Albania; sometimes it may be refered to as the Kukuthi. This vampire grows stronger with time, until about 30 years, when it reaches its full stage. At this point, in its life, the Lugat no longer has to return to the grave during the day, and can live in a home.

The Lugat in its most advanced stage can sometimes be refered to as the Kukudhi.

The vampire does not kill its victims, but takes small amounts of blood for days or weeks at a time. The bite from a Lugat can leave a spiritual or psychological tain on the victim, that can cause the victim to develop a bloodlust of its own.

Before the Lugat reaches its advanced stage, it can be destroyed by driving a stake through its heart, cutting the tendons behind the knee, and cremation. Some stories say that if a wolf bites off the vampire’s legs, it will return to its grave and never return.

The Lugat vampire is a traditional vampire that can shapeshift in different forms, but unlike many vampire stereotypes, the Lugat does not have any fangs. The vampire makes a bite and sucks the blood from the wound.