Irish Vampires

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Ireland does not have a culture rich in vampire lore. There are very few stories about vampires, even though there are numerous stories about ghosts and revenants.

Dudley Wright mention a female vampire who lured people to her using her beauty. She supposedly resided in the graveyard at Waterford near the Strongbow’s Tower. Montague Summers did his own investigation about the vampire Wright mentioned. He found that there was no Strongbow’s Tower near Waterford. He suggested that Wright made a mistake, referencing the wrong structure- Reginald’s Tower, but checking with authorities on Irish lore, he was told no vampire legends were known there either. Summers finally decided that Wright was confused with a version of the Anglo-Saxon conquest of Waterford after a frog was found and interred in Reginald’s Tower.

In 1925, R. S. Breene reported another Irish vampire story concerning a priest who died and was not properly buried. Upon their return trip from the graveside, mourners from the funeral parlor met a priest on the road and were upset to discover that it was the man they had just buried. He differed only in that he had pale skin, wide-open glittering eyes, and prominent long white teeth. They went immediately to the farmhouse of the priest’s mother, only to find her lying on the floor. It is said that before the funeral party arrived, she heard a knock at the door to find her son. She made note of the pale complexion and prominent teeth and fear caused her to faint.