Franz von Poblocki

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In the 1870, in Neustatt-an-der-Rheda (Wejheroho), Pomerania, in northwest Poland, a prominent citizen – Franz von Poblocki died of consumption (tuberculosis). He was buried in the churchyard of Roslasin. Two weeks later, his son Anton, died. Other relatives became ill and complained of nightmares.

The surviving family members suspected vampirism and hired a local vamprie expert, Johann Dzigielski, to assist them.

Dzigielski decapitated the son and placed his head between his legs before the body was buried. He also exhumed von Poblocki’s body and decapitated him, as well.

The priest, who objected of the proceedings, complained to authorities, who arrested Dzigielski. He was tried and sentenced to four months in jail. Dzigielski was released only when the family appealed the decision and found an understanding judge.