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There are not very many myths about vampires in Armenian history, but there is one vampire that lives in the Armenian mountains. The Dakhanavar is a very ferocious and territorial vampire that will try to assault anyone who tries to make a map of its lands or even count the hills and valleys in the region, as this could reveal its hiding places.

The Dakhanavar vampire attacked travelers in the night and sucked the blood from people’s feet. He was eventually outwitted by two travellers who heard about the vampire creature.

Many travelers who had to pass through the mountains took precautions when traveling. They put small cloves of raw garlic in their pockets, or mashed it up and rubbed the paste on their shoes. When camping outside, it was not uncommon for a large fire to be built and garlic bulb thrown into the flames. The thought was that the garlic smell and the blazing fire would drive nearly any creature away.

They slept with their feet at the other man’s head. The vampire was confused of the creature with two heads and no feet, and it ran away from the woods.

But, even today, some travellers will still ward themselves with garlic in case the Dakhanavar returns.