Captain Pokrovsky

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Captain Pokrovsky was a Russian-Lithuanian military officer who gave his account of a Lithuanian vampire from 1905.

A young man that the Captain knew was a rich farmer who lived near his families estate in Lithuania.

Soon after he married his second wife, the farmer became ill. He began shriveling every day, even though he ate ravenously. He cried out during the nights. The young farmer was becoming more listless and pale each day.

When Pokrovsky was visiting his uncle and niece, they told him that the farmer had been the victim of a vampire. Captain Pokrovsky called for a doctor to examine the farmer.

The doctor reported that the farmer was not anemic in a medical sense, but was listless and pale. There was a puncture mark on his neck, but that it was not a serious wound and it was not a growing wound. The doctor prescribed that the farmer eat lots of hearty foods and red wine.

The farmer died some time after the doctor’s visit.