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In Bavarian folklore, the people believed that those who had not been baptized became vampires. Those involved in witchcraft, lived an immoral life, or committed suicide, would also become vampires, as well as people who eat the meat of an animal killed by a wolf or if an animal jumped over the grave during the burial process.

These vampires were known as bluatsaugers, or blutsaugers.

They were pale and typically resembled zombies.

If the people felt a bluatsauger vampire was loose in the community they would stay inside at night, smear their doors and windows with garlic, and place a hawthorn around their houses.

If the members of the community owned a black dog, an extra set of eyes could be painted on the animal, and the vampire would flee in fear.

To kill the German Bluatsauger vampire, a stake through the heart was effective, but it was recommended to also put garlic in the mouth.