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The Baobhan-sith is a Scottish vampire that normally guises itself as a beautiful maiden, luring its victims to their death with her beauty. In some lore, the Baobhan sith appears dressed in green dresses to hide their deer hooves. In some cases, the vampire may appear as a raven or crow.

Once a year the Baobhan-sith rises from her grave to feed on young men at night. They generally opperate in groups, seducing their victims but inviting them to dance. When the men came close enough, they wold use their sharp fingernails to draw blood.

In order to stop a Baobhan sith from rising from the grave was to put cairn over the grave.

The most popular legend about the Baobhan-sith is when a group of travelers stopped for the night in a small glade in the Scottish Highlands. They build a fire and began to wish for the company of beautiful women, and four women appeared and began dancing with them. The dance turned harsh, and the women tore at the men, drawing blood. One of the men ran and hide between two horses; the women circled the horses but could not get to the man because of the iron horse shoes on the horses. The women withdrew and disappeared at dawn, and the man found his companions dead and drained of blood.