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The Alp (also known as Alb or Alf) is a vampire-like spirit known in German stories. The spirit was associated with the boogeyman and the incubus, normally known for tormenting the nights and dreams of women.

The Alp is generally a male or the spirit of a recently deceased man; in other stories, it can be a woman who committed sins while pregnant. In some stories, an Alp is created if a woman eats something unclean or something that a dwarf spit on. A woman can give birth to an Alp if she makes an inappropriate gesture during pregnancy or if frightened by a dog or horse during pregnancy. In some cases, it is thought that children born with a caul could become a member of the undead; children with hairy hands can also become an undead.

The Alp can take many forms, to include a cat, pig, dog, or snake. In any of its forms, the Alp is said to wear a wide-brimmed hat.

It made entry through the victim’s mouth, using its tongue and becoming a mist or snake to enter the victim. Generally, an Alp will mostly torment women, but occasionally men and children, too. The vampire will create night terrors, sleepwalking, fits, and seizures during sleep.

The German Alp was also known for drinking blood from a man’s nipples, and drinking milk from a woman.

In order to destroy an Alp or to protect yourself from one is possible. For women, sleep with shoes next to your bed with the toes pointing to the door. Try to grab the Alp’s hat, as it is very protective of it, as without its hat, the Alp loses its power; legends also say that if you return the hat after stealing it, the Alp will be grateful enough to reward. You can also try to draw blood from the right eye to destroy the Alp’s powers.

The problem with destroying an Alp is that the vampire resides in dreams and is difficult to kill.

There are stories throughout Europe of Alp-like creatures and there are plenty of other names for Alps. Each have the same basic character trait of a blood-drinking creature.