Alnwick Castle Vampire

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William of Newburgh was told a tale by a priest in England of a man from the twelfth century who had vampiric tendencies in his afterlife.

The man was from Yorkshire and lived a dishonorable life of crime and sin. He hid most of his time within the Alnwick Castle, where he was able to carry on with a dishonest life while hidden away.

He married a girl that he met within the castle. His new wife was very unfaithful, and he wanted evidence of her unfaithfulness. The man climbed onto the room above his chambers and waited to see what his wife was doing.

During the night, he saw his wife and a young man. He was startled and fell through the roof, landing on the bed. The young man fled, but the angered husband’s injuries were too great that a priest was called for.

The priest knew the man was near death and urged him to repent his sins before passing, but he refused to repent, dying a sinner.

The husband was given a Christian burial, but following the burial, the man was seen wandering throughout the town. He even visited the bedside of a lady to whom he had been chaplain; with each visit, he prompted her to reort the incidents to the brothers at the monestary.

People became afraid of encountering him, and locked themselves in their homes after dark.

During this time, an epidemic of unnamed disease broke out and a number of people died.

On Palm Sunday, the priest assembled a group of devout residents, and they gathered in the cemetery. The group uncovered the man’s boy to find it gorged with blood. They struck the body with a spade. They drug the body out of the grave and was burned.

Soon after, the epidemic ended and the town returned to normal.