Vampire Donor

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A donor is someone who willingly gives blood to a vampire.

Before a donor starts an agreement with a vampire, he/she must make sure to sit down and talk with the vampire- find out how much and how often the vampire needs to feed. You want to make sure that you do not give more than a pint in a month.

Donors must make sure that they know how much blood they can give per session. Donors must be able to trust the vampire they are giving blood to, so that they can stop the vampire when enough is enough.

Donor Risks

  • The biggest issue donors should keep in mind are blood borne diseases, such as HIV.
  • Biting and licking wounds can be risky, so donors should be aware of other methods of giving blood.
  • Giving blood near an artery is dangerous as you can loose too much blood.
  • Clean any cuts or open areas to prevent infection.