Vampire Crime Scene

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After a vampire has attacked his victim, there are several possible scenarios for what the first officer on the scene may find.

  • Evidence of a crime, such as blood spatter without a victim
  • A living victim
  • One or more deceased victim
  • A victim disposal site
  • Evidence that links the crime to another in the general area

The first officer must protect the scene by taping it off, and a detective will decide what evidence may be worth processing.

The crime scene personnel will perform a variety of functions:

  • Dust the area for prints
  • Look for anything that appears foreign to the scene
  • Look for pattern evidence like footprints or tire tracks
  • Collect trace evidence like hair, soil or fiber
  • Examine fluid evidence
  • Take photos, video measurements and draw out the scene
  • Look for a weapon

All the evidence will be collected and transported to the crime lab for further testing. Some vampires can be quite methodical with their crime scenes, leaving nothing behind.