Reasons Why People Drink Blood

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Since primitive times, mankind has been known to drink blood, especially in religious rituals. Mongolian warriors would ingest animal blood as a source of food; even today, some Masai of Tanzania still practice this, using the blood to supply nutrition to their bodies while they travel.

The body is only able to digest small amounts of blood before they vomit, but the small amounts that the body can digest, breaks down the blood into amino acids, iron, and proteins.

Some people claim they need to drink blood in order to survive, but this just isn’t true. The body cannot digest enough to sustain the body long-term.

But, some sanguinary acts that have been reported in history have nothing to do with nutrition or ceremony.

  • In 300 B.C., a Buddhist monk drank the blood of a pig to cure an illness that was said to be incurable, and it actually worked.
  • Warriors often drank the blood of their enemies to symbolize their conquest and to enhance their powers.
  • Some warriors would drink the blood of their victims as an act of communion.

Hematomania is the compulsion to drink blood as a part of a sexual perversion. Peter Kurten, “The Monster of Dusseldorf,” was a serial killer who claimed to have felt a buildup of erotic tension before he attacked a victim and only achieved relief after licking their wounds or drinking their blood.