Where are the Best Places for a Vampire Bite

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Traditionally, vampires drew blood from the neck, even Dracula chose the jugular vein, but there are other veins and arteries that vampires could choose.

Carotid arteries lie alongside the jugular veins; they are easy to reach, and is placed between the earlobe and the collarbone, just underneath the jaw. The carotid arteries carry oxygenated and nutrient-rich blood to the brain; the blood in arteries should have a better taste and a more potent charge, but the arterial walls are thicker and tougher to pierce than veins. When pierced, arteries can create more of a mess than piercing a vein, which is more than likely why classic vampires tend to choose the jugular vein. Plus, piercing the carotid artery can be lethal.

The jugular veins are on either side of the neck; there is an internal and external jugular vein on either side of the neck. The jugular veins carry the used up blood, as it flows back to the heart. It’s easy to get to, but getting bitten in the jugular vein will most likely result in death, as the vein flows directly to the heart. Death comes faster if the internal jugular vein is pierced in comparison to the external jugular vein.

The median cubital vein is a good vein for a vampire bite; it’s where most doctors draw blood, lying inside the elbow.

The ulnar artery is the artery in the wrist that is often used to take your pulse. Besides the neck, the wrist is probably the second favorite place for a vampire bite. The biggest concern is the tendons in the area, as they can get in the way of dull fangs.

The femoral vein is a great place for a vampire bite, but it isn’t a quick place to grab, as this vein is in the upper thigh pelvic region. This is a very sensual place for a vampire bite, but it’s not very accessible when vampires are on the prowl.

The femoral artery is right next to the femoral vein, and it’s another sensual place for a vampire bite. The femoral artery supplies rich blood to the lower portion of the body. Arteries, in general, are a great place for a vampire bite, as they carry oxygenated, protein-rich blood.