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The Sasabonsam is similar to that of the asasabonsam, except it does not have hook feet. The African Sasabonsam appears human but has many features of bats. They have short stubby arms and wings. Some legends say that the African creature had a wingspan of about 20 feet. The creature had emaciated bodies and twisted […]

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The Jigarkhwar is a witch vampire found in Indian legends from the Sind area. The creature is known for stealing people’s livers, removing it through incantations and intense staring. When the Indian vampire removes the liver, it takes the shape of a pomegranate seed and hides it in its calf. Later the Jigarkhwar is thrown […]

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The asasabonsam is a vampire-like monster species found in the folklore of the Ashanti people in Ghana, West Africa. This African vampire has a human appearance with a set of iron teeth and hooks for feet¬†that point in both ways. The creature is hairy and has large blood-shot eyes. The creature lived deep in the […]

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