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Melusine is a creature derived from the classical lamiai figure. Stories claimed she was the daughter of King Elinas and his fairy wife. Angry at her father, she and her sisters turned their magic against their parents, and for her actions, her mother turned her into a serpent from the waist down. Melusine would remain this […]

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French Vampires

Vampires tales in France are not as common as in other countries and cultures, but there are a few stories of vampires. One concerned a revenant that terrorized the town of Cadan. The people he attacked seemed destined to become a vampire like him. They retaliated, attacking his corpse and driving a stake through it. […]

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In the Olonecian region of Russia, the people spread tales of the erestuny. According the the people of this region, any person, including pious Christians, could become a vampire if a sorcerer entered and took over the body at the moment of death. The peasant would appear to have recovered, but in fact had become […]

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