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The Kashubes of a West Slavic ethnic group of people in Pomerelia, north-central Poland. The Kashubes believed in the Nachzeher, which is a vampire creature that had the ability to kill its relatives by using psychic powers. It is thought that people born with cauls or teeth were most likely to become a vampire. The Nachzeher would devour […]

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The Lugat is a vampire from Albania; sometimes it may be refered to as the Kukuthi. This vampire grows stronger with time, until about 30 years, when it reaches its full stage. At this point, in its life, the Lugat no longer has to return to the grave during the day, and can live in a home. […]

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The Lobishomen is a vampire from Brazilian folklore. This vampire preys mostly on women. The vampire does not actually kill its victims, but it draws small amounts of blood from the victims. After the attack, the woman would begin to show nymphomaniac tendencies. It’s said that the creature was created by witchcraft or from parents […]

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