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Sikkim Vampire

Devendra P. Varma, the author of The Vampire in Legend, Lore, and Literature, noted a story about a vampire in Sikkim, a neighbor of Tibet. In the early eighteenth century, Princess Pedi Wangmo plotted to kill her half-brother. With the assistance of a Tibetan doctor, she bled Chador Namgyal to death and drank his blood. […]

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Mortal and Immortal Vampires

There are two main types of vampires- mortal and immortal vampires. Mortal vampires are those humans who have an obsession with drinking blood; they like to pretend to be real vampires, obtaining some kind of excitement from drinking blood. Mortal vampires are often said to have Renfield’s Syndrome. Mortal blood drinking occurs worldwide. Many blood […]

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