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The Talamaur is an Australian vampire that could communicate with the spirit world. It could make one of the spirits its servants to use among the living. The Talamaur was considered a living vampire.

There are some stories of the Talamaur are from the Banks Island. These stories speak of a vampire-like creature that can have intercourse with ghosts.

The Talamaur was considered a soul that went out an ate the souls or lives that still lingered around the bodies of corpses. In some cases, the Talamaur would eat the corpse with the understanding that the ghost of the dead person would become a close companion and would use its power against anyone the Talamaur directed.

It was not a crime to be a Talamaur. It was actually the practice of some people to pretend to be one. People would claim to be a Talamaur and eat corpses the night after death.