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The Yama is the Hindu Lord of Death, and is often seen as the Judge of the Dead. Yama also appeared in Tibetan mythology. Like the Nepalese Lord of Death and the Mongolian God of Time, the Tibetan Yama existed by drinking blood from sleeping people, whereas the Hindu Yama attacked the pret (soul of the deceased) while it wondered around in an unhappy state of restlessness, waiting for its final judgement.  When Yama attacked the pret, the living relatives could offer invocations to keep it free from beatings.

The Yama had a green face and a blue-green body. He had a clawed hand, which he held the scepter of death. In-between his jaws or arms, he was often seen holding the Wheel of Life- all of the realms of rebirth.

The dead were commonly cremated in order to prevent the soul from trying to re-enter the body and trying to improperly interacting with the world of the living.