Vampire Cat of Nabeshima

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The Japanese Vampire Cat is a story of Prince Nabeshima and his beautiful concubine Otoyo. One night a large vampire cat broke into Otoyo’s room and killed her in the traditional manner. It disposed of her body and assumed her form. As Otoyo, the cat began to suck the life out of the prince each night while the guards fell into a strange sleep.

Finally, a young guard was able to stay awake and saw the vampire in the form of the young girl. As the guard stood by, the girl was unable to approach the prince, who, then slowly recovered. Finally, it was deduced that the girl was a malevolent spirit who had targeted the prince.

The young man, with several guards, went to the girl’s apartment. The vampire escaped, and it removed itself into the hill country.

From there, reports of its work were soon received. The prince organized a great hunt, and the vampire was finally killed.