Thaye and Tasei

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The Myanmar culture has very little vampire lore. Because the Buddhists tend to cremate their dead, the vampire lore is minimal. They do have a rich tradition of ghosts and demonic beings.

Thaye and Tasei were malevolent ghosts that were condemned to their disembodied state until they had worked out their karmic difficulties and were eventually reborn into another body.

They took on a visible appearance and were tall and dark, possessing huge ears, a large tongue, and tusklike teeth.

The ghosts lived near villages at the local cemeteries. On occasion, they assumed characteristics of vampires and ghouls, feeding on corpses or going into the village to attack the living.

Frequently, they were seen as the cause of minor illnesses.

In order to protect oneself from Thaye and Tasei, a lehpwe was needed. This amulet consisted of a drawing of an elephant made from the letters of the Myanmar alphabet.  There were also rituals to banish ghosts from a village.