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The most well known vampire from India is the Rakshasas, which was generally described as ogres and demons who lived in cemeteries and wandered around at night.

The Rakshasas were known to slay infants, as well as seeking out pregnant females.

They were infamous for distrubing the affairs of people by disrupting the rituals, interrupting devotions, desecrating graves, harassing priests, and possessing human beings. They were known to spread fear, confusion, chaos, and destruction among families and communities.

The Indian vampire was described with elongated fangs and a fearsome appearance. They came in a variety of forms, some male, some female, some more humanoid, and some that were half animal. Some believed that the Rakshasa were shapeshifters.

An agni was a dispeller of darkness at sacrificial rituals. People would call on them to destroy or ward offf demons like the Rakshasas.