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The Pisachas was often mentioned with the Rakshasas. It was a lower scale of beings who were described with a hideous appearance.

Pisachas were flesh-eating ghouls where were the source of malignant disease. The Pisachas was often described as the products of anger of the diety Brahma.

After creating gods, demons, ancesters, and human-kind, Brahma became afflicted with hunger. When they began to eat his body, for they were raksasas and yaksas. When Brahma saw them, he was so displeased, and his hair fell out, becoming serpents. When he saw the serpents he was angry, and the creatures born of his anger were the fierce, flesh-eating pisachas. Thus Brahma created cruel creatures and gentle creatures, dharma and adharma, truth, and falsehood.

The Pisachas were sometimes refered to as vetala. They could take the form of ghosts, goblins, and vampires, who haunted in cemeteries and ruins. They were very hostile spirits of the dead whose children didn’t perform proper funerary rites in their memory. As a result, the spirits are trapped in a twilight zone between life and the after-life.

In order to free a Pisachas, the family would need to perform proper funerary rites.

Pisachas can drive people mad, kill children, and cause miscarriages.