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Vampires are quite common in Asian mythology, but there are a handful of vampires. There are stories about the Hanh Saburo, Yama, Manduruo, Paco Pati, Gayal, Langsuyar, Danag, Bjang, Algul, Pelesit and many other vampires.


The Bhuta originated in western Indian folklore, but since India is the land of origin for Gypsies, the Bhuta was found in Gypsy folklore, as well. The vampire was believed to be the soul of a man who died in an untimely fashion, such as accident or suicide. The Bhuta wandered around at night, and it […]

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The Chiang-Shih (or Kiang Shi, Kuang-shi, or Jiang Shi) is the Chinese vampire derived from the believe in two souls. Each person had a superior rational soul and an inferior irrational soul. The former had the form of the body and upon separation could appear as its exact double. The superior soul could leave the sleeping […]

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Kali is the Indian goddess with a dual nature- motherly and fierceness. The stories vary, but in one, it is said that she became drunk off the blood of her enemies on the battlefield. She is often seen dancing on corpses with fangs protruding from her bloodied lips. The goddess mad her most famous appearance in […]

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Vetala (Baital)

The Vetala, or Baital (Betail), is a vampire creature of India. This creature resembles small, bat-like humans, monstrous bats, or emaciated corpses that hang upside down. They can possess dead bodies and leave them at will. They make their presence known by troubling humans, driving people made, killing children, and causing miscarriages. They can also […]

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The Churel is a vampire ghost of India. If a woman had been treated badly by her family, she would return to harass them and to dry up the blood of the male family members. The spirit is also thought to be that of a woman who died in childbirth or while menstruating. The churel usually […]

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The Jigarkhwar is a witch vampire found in Indian legends from the Sind area. The creature is known for stealing people’s livers, removing it through incantations and intense staring. When the Indian vampire removes the liver, it takes the shape of a pomegranate seed and hides it in its calf. Later the Jigarkhwar is thrown […]

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