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The Langsuyar, or Langsuir, is the most popular vampire of Malaysia. The vamprie creature was described as being a beautiful woman who reacted strongly to the loss of her stillborn baby. She flew into the trees and became a demon of the night, attacking and sucking the blood of children.

Langsuyars would often lead a somewhat normal lifestyle, returning to the village. They may marry and have children, and feed off the other children during the night.

A woman who died during childbirth was most likely to become a Langsuyar. In order to prevent a Langsuyar from coming out of her grave, place eggs under her arms; she will not want to move her arms for fear of dropping the eggs. One may also stick needles in her palms so that she cannot grab anyone without driving the needles further into her hands. In some cases, glass beads may be placed in the mouth.

One could also tame a langsuyar by cutting off its hair and nails, and stuffing them into the hole in the neck. In this case, the langsuyar became domesticated and could live in human society. However, this new life usually ended at a village party when they began to dance. They would revert to their spirit-form and fly off the jungle, leaving the husband and children behind.