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Kali is the Indian goddess with a dual nature- motherly and fierceness. The stories vary, but in one, it is said that she became drunk off the blood of her enemies on the battlefield.

She is often seen dancing on corpses with fangs protruding from her bloodied lips.

The goddess mad her most famous appearance in the Devi-mahatmya, where she joined the goddess Durga in fighting the demon Raktabija. Raktabiga had the ability to reproduce himself with each drop of spilled blood; thus, fighting him successfully, Durga found herself overwhelmed by the clones. Kali rescued Durga by vampirizing Raktabija and eating the duplicates. Kali came to be seen by some as Durga’s wrathful aspect.

Kali had an ambiguous relationship with the world. On one hand, she destroyed demons, bringing order, but on the other hand she serves as a representation of forces and threatened social order and stability by her blood drunkenness and subsequent frenzied activities.