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The word ‘Chedipe’ literally means prostitute. The Chedipe is a very interesting vampire creature of India. She was a type of sorceress in the Godavari area.

The Chedipe was pictured riding a tiger through the night.

Stories said that the Chedipe was a sort of seductress who brings impurity into the home. At night, she would enter a home unclothed, and use a form of hypnotism, she would put the household into a trance-like sleep so that they were unaware of her presense in the home. She would pick the strongest male in the house, and she would suck his blood out of his toe. In some cases, she may sexually assault the man.

In the morning, the man would awaken by feel drained of energy and somewhat intoxicated. If he did not seek trteatment for his condition, the Chedipe would return. She would continue to return, and the man would not have any idea of her actions except feeling drained. Over time, he would begin to waste away, grow sick, and die.

In order to prevent a Chedipe from entering a home, incense, mantras, and holy icons must be sanctioned.

On occasion, the Chedipe would attack men in the jungle in the form of a tiger with a human leg.