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The Bajang is a vampire creature of Malaysia. The vampire creature is assumed to be a male that appears like a cat, such as a pole cat or a weasel.

There are different ways to create a Bajang. According to some stories, the Bajang came from the body of a stillborn child, In others, it’s said that people can be born as Bajangs from the souls of the dead, depending on their deeds in life.

A person can be transformed into a Bajang after death, if they committed evil deeds in their life. A person may also inherit the destiny of becoming a Bajang if the person’s ancestors committed evil deeds that they may have passed on.

Bajang vampires can also be created by a living person, and used to kill or torment others. The living person can summon the soul of a stillborn child that was freshly buried or caught just before being buried. If the spirit is successfully summoned, the living person can control its attacks and torments on others.

The Bajang normally threatens children. It will show up at a house, looking cute and cuddly, warning the family of the upcoming attack. They will feed on children most often, but make others their victims, as well.

Like most vampire creatures, the Bajang can also spread madness and disease among humans.

One can enslave a Bajang if it is handed down from one generation to the next. When a living person summons a Bajang, it can be passed down. The owner will have to feed the Bajang eggs, and if not fed enough, the vampire will attack its owner.