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Vampires are quite common in Asian mythology, but there are a handful of vampires. There are stories about the Hanh Saburo, Yama, Manduruo, Paco Pati, Gayal, Langsuyar, Danag, Bjang, Algul, Pelesit and many other vampires.

Hanh Saburo

The Hanh Saburo is a vampire from India. The vampire dwells in the forest, deep in the woods, surrounded by thick vegetation. They had the ability to control dogs and wolves. The Hanh Saburo is a vampire that lures travelers into the forest to attack. Often the vampire was invisible, but sometimes it was seen […]

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The Obayifo is a vampire told in lore from the Ashanti people off the Gold Coast in Africa. The Obayifo is a living vampire that can be a male or female human. The vampire creature leaves its body at night to feed, finding young children its favorite prey. Some people considered the Obayifo a witch […]

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Thaye and Tasei

The Myanmar culture has very little vampire lore. Because the Buddhists tend to cremate their dead, the vampire lore is minimal. They do have a rich tradition of ghosts and demonic beings. Thaye and Tasei were malevolent ghosts that were condemned to their disembodied state until they had worked out their karmic difficulties and were eventually reborn […]

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The Chewong people of Malaysia called a collection of many spirits as a Bas. There are various kinds of Bas, some of which under difference circumstances would attack humans. The Bas usually ate a ruwai, which is translated to soul, life, or vitality They preferred wild pig, and would set traps to catch the pig’s […]

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