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The Tikoloshe is an African vampire that looks like a baboon. The vampire-creature is found in the folklore of the Xhosa people of Lisotho and the southernmost African plains.

The creature is described as short and bulky. It had a high forehead and a balding head.

The Tikoloshe is said to have shape-shifting abilities and can take human form to look normal since it has monkey-like traits. In some cases, it will take the shape of a bird-like creature with a skull head.

This African vampire did not drink blood, but it was a psychic vampire, feeding on the energy of its victims. The Tikoloshe was known for its sexual appetite, raping and feeding off the life force of the women, generally leaving the victim weak.

The Tikoloshe will approach women during the day in the shape of a human. It will offer help or assistance to the woman in return for sexual fathers. If the woman says no, the creature will revert to its baboon form, leaping on her before she has a second to react. The woman will then be raped.

When the creature is in its bird form, it can spread disease wherever it goes. Its claw can create a lingering sickness that no one can cure.

Some legends say that a witch-doctor can trap and destroy a tikoloshe’s powers by luring it with milk.