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The Impundulu vampire is a witch’s servant from the eastern Cape region of Africa. It is found in legends of the Pondo, the Zulu, and the Xhosa.

The vampire is usually owned by a female and is later passed to the witch’s daughter. The witch that controleld the Impundulu vampire made sure that the creature was always fed well in order to avoid the creature turning on her.

If the Impundulu wasn’t handed down, it is called an Ishologu, and is an ownerless monster that will cause chaos.

The African vampire has an insatiable appetite and love for blood and sex. They feed on humans and cattle. It wasn’t uncommon for the Impundulu vampire to kill an entire family or herd of cattle, sucking the blood form every victim. The Impundulu would feed on the blood and pain of its victim.

If the African vampire didn’t kill its victims, a wasting disease caused by the vampire would, as the feeding would leave you with a bad cough and infertility. In rare cases, the Impundulu may cause the victim a quick death, which was often called “being slain by the bird of heaven.” Victims will often experience a sharp unbearable pain in the chest or head.

If the witch didn’t allow her Impundulu to feed, it would cause the witch’s death, so the witch always made sure her vampire servant was fed.

The different between the Impundulu vampire and the other African vampires is that the Impundulu took the shape of an attractive man instead of an animal creature. Some legends say that the witch and the Impundulu become lovers.

In some legends, the Impundulu was seen as a bird creature.