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The Adze is a vampire creature found in the legends of the Ewe people of Southern Togo. The Adze commonly took the form of a firefly. If caught, the firefly would turn into a quasi-human form with a hunchback, sharp talons, and jet-black skin.

Once in the quasi-human form, the African vampire would kill its victim, drink their blood, and eat the heart and liver.  The Adze found children a favorite to feed from.

In some cases, they may feed on palm oil and coconut water, and will often raid a village’s supply. These food items are not enough to supply life to the firefly vampire. They will become weak if they do not feed on children. If the Adze is deterred from feeding from long periods of time, it may go on a feeding frenzy for blood; in these cases, the victims will become infected with a deadly disease. The insect vampire will land on the lips and suck blood through an elephant-like truck, which is no wonder why disease of the area are often blamed on insects.

The creature does not have to kill, and in some cases, only takes enough blood to survive without taking the liver and heart.

With enough strength, the Adze can possess a human and become a living vampire, but if captured, it will revert to its human form. A sorcerer is the Adze’s favorite to possess, as it obtains the sorcerer’s magic, but once captured, the magic is lost and will revert back to human form.

The Adze can only be defeated if caught, but catching them is the trick. There is no way to be protected from the vampire spirit. The Ewe people believed that the best and safest manner to catching and destroying the Adze vampire was to trap them with coconut water and palm oil. If the Adze spirit is captured, the spirit is generally tortured to a slow and painful death.